Weight Loss Is Simple Math ...

The difference between the calories you consume and the calories you burn will determine if you lose weight, gain weight or just maintain.

iCalorieCount makes calorie counting easy.

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Track Your Foods

Easily track the food you eat to see the calories, fat, carbs and other macro-nutrients you consume every day. Studies have show that consistently tracking your food can double the weight you lose.

Track Your Exercise

Log your exercises to see the number of calories you burned with each workout. Setting a goal every day to burn some extra calories will allow you to increase your calorie consumption while still losing weight.

Use Our Weight Loss Tools

Use the BMI, Body Fat and Calorie Requirement Calculators to determine if you should increase or decrease your calorie intake. The resulting daily calorie requirements can help you achieve your desired weight.

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Get inspiration, answers and support from other members who are just like you - working hard to reach their healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals.

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Always in sync - Use your existing account to log your foods and exercise while you're away. Keep up-to-date on your tracking and stay motivated.

Don't recall what you had for breakfast? Log it right after you eat it with our simple to use mobile app.


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Participating regularly in an online community that provides encouragement and support can significantly increase your odds of losing weight and maintaining your weight loss for the long term. Join in a challenge .. get advice on nutrition and exercise .. or just shoot the breeze - our members are friendly and love sharing their knowledge.

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